"Words cannot express the total value of yoga. It has to be experienced."

B.K.S Iyengar

Yoga Retreats of Sedona AZ Offering Online Yoga Classes and More

  • Yoga Retreats of Sedona provides a virtual YOGA AND WELLNESS RETREAT EXPERIENCE from the comfort of your own home through a wide variety of pre-recorded, “on-demand” classes (no need to wait for scheduled ZOOM classes!!).
  • You choose the number of hours or days you would like to dedicate to yourself (We offer one, two, and three-day retreat experiences), and simply enjoy enveloping yourself in the self-care that you deserve.
  • In addition to several yoga classes, our offerings include breath-work, meditation, journaling, sound healing, and more; all creating a well-rounded retreat for you to dive into.
  • YOU create the space, finding a dedicated serene place within your home, or perhaps another setting, such as a hotel, and YOU create your journey through classes by choosing the retreat package that's right for you.

Special Offer! Choose two classes of your choice for just $35!

Simply email me and tell me the two classes you would like to take, and I will send you your own class link!

Yoga Class List

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there."


What you’ll need: A yoga mat, a journal, comfortable clothing, refreshments, and light snacks.

If you need to, negotiate with others in your household to have a couple of hours or days of alone time for your yoga retreat.  Set up your space ahead of time. Gather your yoga mat and props and try to clear away as much as you can around your space, so that you’re not surrounded by work things or other distractions. If you’re in a small space, perhaps you can cover your work desk with a scarf or blanket to reduce any feeling of clutter around you. You might like to add candles or incense to create a cozy and more serene atmosphere.

Remember, it doesn’t matter what form your yoga takes, what it looks like, what clothes you’re wearing, or whether you have a fancy yoga mat - the benefits of yoga come simply by showing up to do the practice, again and again, creating precious time for yourself.

I look forward to sharing the tools that yoga has to offer to help you reduce stress, heal your body, embrace who you are, and quite simply, to find a more enjoyable life.



“Call out to the whole divine night for what you love.  What you stand for.  Earn your name.  Be kind, and wild, and disciplined, and absolutely generous.” 

Dr. Martin Shaw