About Dawn and Yoga Retreats of Sedona

My name is Dawn Walter, and Yoga has changed my life.

For some people, yoga brings spirituality into their life. For me, it was spirituality that brought yoga into my life. I found yoga to be another channel for the connection with the strength within myself (Spirit, God, Source), through movement and focus.  In addition to spiritual benefits, the physical aspect of yoga has improved my health in a myriad of ways. 

Perhaps most importantly, though, the overall practice of yoga (physical/spiritual) has relieved decades of anxiety and depression. I am a PTSD survivor, a 9/11 survivor, and have not found as much peace of mind in the past two decades as I have through my yoga practice in just the last few years. 

These physical changes and incredible spiritual awakenings have brought me to a place where I am inspired to share the gift of yoga with others.  I share the gift of yoga with individuals and groups seeking a transformative yoga experience.  I do this through: Yoga hikes and retreats, Trauma Conscious Yoga, and additional classes/modalities such as Yin, Gentle Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Sound Healing, Meditation, Breath Work, and more.

Malas by Dawn gives me the opportunity to express my creative side, through the design and creation of Mala prayer beads.  Mala beads are often used to enhance spiritual practice, through mantra and meditation.

Thank you for sharing your interest in Yoga Retreats of Sedona’s offerings.  It is my honor to be part of a world-wide Yoga community, which includes you.



 About Dawn Walter:


As a survivor of PTSD (a 9/11 survivor), Dawn was inspired by the teachings of her yoga instructors in the New  York Metropolitan area. Following years of suffering from the symptoms of PTSD, Dawn moved to Arizona and went on  to study with yoga and breath work practitioners at Sedona Hot Yoga, as well as completing numerous online classes  and certifications in Trauma Conscious Yoga, meditation, breath work, crystal bowl sound healing, and Yin yoga. 

Dawn graduated from 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training early in 2020. She also completed 100 additional hours of Yoga  Teacher Training at Sedona Hot Yoga, as well as completing full Trauma Conscious Yoga certification in 2021. Currently,  Dawn is enrolled in a two-year program to complete her RYT-500 and become a Certified Yoga Therapist. Dawn’s goal is  to teach yoga, meditation, and breath work, all with inspiring music, quotes, humor, and compassion.


"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."
Anne Frank