About Dawn and Yoga Retreats of Sedona

My name is Dawn Walter, and Yoga has changed my life.

For some people, yoga brings spirituality into their life. For me, it was spirituality that brought yoga into my life. I found yoga to be another channel for the connection with the strength within myself (Spirit, God, Source), through movement and focus.

In addition to spiritual benefits, the physical aspect of yoga has improved my health in a myriad of ways. I no longer struggle with weight, high blood pressure, or thyroid issues since regularly practicing yoga.

Perhaps most importantly, the overall practice of yoga (physical/spiritual) has relieved decades of anxiety and depression. I am a PTSD survivor, a 9/11 survivor, and have not found as much peace of mind in the past twenty years as I have through my yoga practice over just the past few years. These incredible physical changes and spiritual awakenings have brought me to a place where I am inspired to share the gift of yoga with others.

I share the gift of yoga with individuals and groups seeking a transformative online yoga retreat experience.

A variety of pre-recorded online classes, including yoga, breath work, meditation, journaling, and more, are created and provided utilizing a wide array of seasoned practitioners, so that a full-day, two-day, or three-day “retreat” can be fully experienced and enjoyed “on-demand” (no need to schedule in a Zoom meeting!). You choose your retreat package, including pre-recorded online classes and discussions, all suited to your specific interests/needs.



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Simply Email Me and tell me the two classes you would like to take, and I will send you your own class link!

Bio: Dawn Walter is a writer turned yoga teacher. Dawn was inspired by her yoga teachers in the New York Metropolitan area (where she is from originally), has also studied with yoga and breath work practitioners at Sedona Hot Yoga in Arizona (where she now resides), as well as completing numerous online classes and certifications in Trauma Conscious Yoga, meditation, and breath-work.

Dawn graduated from 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training early in 2020. She also completed 100 additional hours of Yoga Teacher Training, as well as 20 CEU’s in Trauma Conscious Yoga (or Yoga for PTSD) and is currently working toward full Trauma Conscious Yoga certification. Dawn teaches yoga, journaling, meditation, and breath-work, all with inspiring music, quotes, humor, and compassion.

Sedona AZ Red Rocks Yoga Retreat

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."
Anne Frank

What to expect:

  • Guided class offering that takes the work out of creating your own home practice, or from trying to find a variety of online classes that you have to schedule, that you like, or that suit your unique needs.
  • Enjoy pre-recorded, on-demand classes of various styles & themes, so you can benefit from a balanced home practice.
  • Choose more active classes for when you want a strong energy filled practice or those with a slower pace when need to restore and calm yourself.
  • Created for all levels. Whatever your yoga experience, age, fitness or mobility, you will be guided through a flowing practice that feels helpful for your body and mind.

On these retreats you will experience:

  • Time and space for yourself to relax, using the healing and supportive practices of yoga, reflection, meditation and pranayama (breath).
  • Techniques to help release built up stress and tension, while finding the tools which support us in managing the challenges life is throwing at us right now.
  • A blend of vinyasa flow, breathwork, meditation, and more, to enable you to benefit from the powerful & transformative elements of all these styles.⁠
  • An uplifting and healing yoga experience.

You will be:

  • Discovering balance and harmony
  • Delving into holistic and nourishing yoga movements, breath, reflection and meditation, to guide you towards a more balanced inner and outer state.

What you will need:

  • Enthusiasm!
  • A yoga mat
  • Journal
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Refreshments, and light snacks

Note from Dawn:

It doesn’t matter what form your yoga takes, what it looks like, what clothes you’re wearing, or whether you have a fancy yoga mat - the benefits of yoga come simply by showing up to do the practice, creating precious time for yourself. Yoga can offer transformation.  Each class is one more step along the path.

Taking some time out for yourself is important right now.  If you need to, negotiate with others in your household to have a couple of hours or days of alone time for our yoga retreat.

Set up your space ahead of time. Gather your yoga mat and props and try to clear away as much as you can around your space, so that you’re not surrounded by work things or other distractions. If you’re in a small space, perhaps you can cover your work desk with a scarf or blanket to reduce any feeling of clutter around you. You might like to add candles or incense to create a cozy and more serene atmosphere.

I look forward to sharing the tools that yoga has to offer to help you reduce stress, heal your body, embrace who you are, and quite simply, to find a more enjoyable life.

“And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”

Meister Eckhart